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Community Development Project

Earth-sunrise-cropped“This time on Earth is unique! It has never been quite this special – the opportunity for awakening and evolution so clearly defined. And depending on a few things, it will never be this way again. Such is the importance of this time; the magnitude of this time. It’s a homecoming.”

Living Life in Wholeness

In this special time of awakening on Earth, we are beginning to see, more and more, the creation of communities that reflect higher values and model new life opportunities.

The Wholeness will contribute to this emerging trend by establishing open, spiritually-oriented communities that feature simple, natural, day-to-day communion with our planet and Her divine energies. Amenities and programs will be made available that express themes of healing, teaching, learning, self-responsibility and devotion to inner divinity.

Wholeness residents and guests, while sharing and reinforcing each other’s life-supporting values, need not subscribe to any particular set of beliefs or practices to come together and enjoy their own self-referral life choices.

These beautiful new paradigm settings will support a more coherent and nurtured state of life, as they are relatively unplugged from the challenging patterns of humanity’s current state of collective unconsciousness.

Creating Heaven on our Earth

bigstock-Majestic-sunset-in-the-mountai-26905619Wholeness communities will encompass the physical elements to support holistic values and intentions, including:

A Mahavakya Crystal Temple whose powerful influence of cosmic light uplifts the entire region

Next-generation homes and lodging to aesthetically and energetically elevating the quality of life

Leading-edge healing, learning, and agricultural amenities

Places of Wholeness

Over the coming years, The Wholeness plans to develop communities in the vicinities of Santa Fe, NM and Ojai, CA, as well as in upcountry Maui on the verdant slopes of Mt. Haleakala. In this time of accelerated awakening, these magnificent areas are among those which provide especially nurturing values of Mother Earth’s evolutionary energy to those drawn there.

Community Development Team

The Wholeness’ team of committed and experienced community builders is being led by a handful of individuals with decades of leadership roles in successfully creating spiritually-oriented, intentional communities in various parts of the country. For over 40 years, these devoted and well-grounded professionals have helped guide projects from concept to reality. Our actively involved team members share a vision of beautiful and inclusive communities, as well as the necessary well-honed skills in business, law, land development, home-building, temple-building, and community and educational administration.

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When you bring your awareness to your heart, there is some quality of presence there. This presence is your awareness. This presence is God. It is in this state of recognition of the divine presence in your heart that healing begins.

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