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God belongs to everyone

God does not belong to any one church, any one religion, any one organization; but rather to all beings, all paths – equally and eternally.

Embrace Your Life

This is the time of great awakening, which is why everything feels so accelerated. And the acceleration will only increase. When life is accelerating, the smoothest way to go about living is to embrace it. This all-embracing awareness is permanently established always—always established in the subtle structures of your heart.

Change Your Life

How does your life feel? If your life does not feel wonderful; if it does not feel fulfilled and blissful, what you need to do is shift your consciousness. You need to dive deeper into the physiology – not necessarily deeper into physical activity. Change your life by being with the presence of God in your heart.

God’s Gift to You

Can you trust that your life karma is actually God serving you? Can you completely embrace that ALL of this life is a gift to you from God?

God’s Presence in Your Heart

When you bring your awareness to your heart, there is some quality of presence there. This presence is your awareness. This presence is God. It is in this state of recognition of the divine presence in your heart that healing begins.

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is the elixir of life. If you want to experience the reality that God is love, and love is God, and the nature of your own pure presence is God; then on that level of your humanity, allow gratitude to be your great practice.

Healing and Awakening

Healing and awakening share the same Mother. They are siblings of the same blood. Healing of the physiology begins with trust. Awakening of the whole life begins with trust. Trust is the foundation of surrender, and surrender is how you come home to God in your heart.

Gratitude Leads to God

Gratitude towards God; gratitude for God: This leads directly to the experience of God’s presence, which leads directly to the embodiment of God’s presence, which leads directly to becoming God’s presence on the level of experience.

Awareness Becoming God

When awareness becomes expanded and reaches that state of immeasurable bigness, it begins to be called God. It begins to see itself as the creative force that birthed the entire universe – indeed all universes.

The Mind and Senses Can Enjoy Life Fully

When you are awake and established in the seat of your heart, you witness the play of the mind and the perceptions of the senses in the head. The mind and senses are then empowered to enjoy fully and completely.

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