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The CDs are Amazing!

“I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know the cds are absolutely amazing!”
—David Dupee, Feb 2015

Enjoying the free healings

“I signed up for the newsletter and received my free audio healing….Wow!! The feeling of peace that came over me was amazing. I also signed up for the 5 day ‘A Taste of The Wholeness’ program and am on day two. I had a very beautiful experience during and after the first audio recording and am looking forward to sitting down with the second. I am also going to sign up for the ‘Daily Healings in Wholeness’ program. Thank you so much!”
—David Dupee, Feb 2015

The Wholeness Book

“The Wholeness book is absolutely amazing…I started it not long ago and am just blown away. I bought one copy for my sister in NC and am giving the other two as Christmas presents. I feel that my connection with Mother has grown since I started reading The Wholeness and enjoying the silence in a new way…it is very beautiful. The people I gave The Wholeness books to as gifts absolutely love them!”
—David Dupee, Feb 2015

Elemental Breathing

“The Breath Teaching you and dear Mary offered is life changing for me. More of a transmission ( like shaktipat) than a linear experience! Thank you.”
—Annie, Aug 2014

Join Matthew Reifslager

Join Matthew Reifslager in a small, intimate setting for nine days of profound, evolutionary silence. This sanctuary will take place at The Mandala Center in beautiful northern New Mexico.

God belongs to everyone

God does not belong to any one church, any one religion, any one organization; but rather to all beings, all paths – equally and eternally.

God in the Heart

“The whole life has altered, following the natural simplicity and truth of looking for the source of myself within myself. God in the Heart is a very real experience, both physical and esoteric, and the more it is experienced, the more the two have become harmonized.”
—C.J., Baker in Maui

The Wholeness Vol 1

“The Wholeness Volume 1 has become my constant companion.  When I go on trips, I always take it with me.  Sometimes when I am distressed about something, just putting my hand on the book brings me peace and, within a short time, an answer to some dilemma. No matter where I start reading in the book, it is always exactly what I need in that moment.”
—M.H., Businessman from the Midwest

Daily Healings

“My time to formally connect with The Wholeness Healings is limited, but, thanks to God, the inner intention to be connected is almost unlimited. Maybe this is the reason I enjoy such sweetness and silence when I am connected, especially during the silent gaps between the spoken words.”
—P.C., Office Administrator

Daily Healings

“Since I have joined The Wholeness Healings every day, I feel I am connected to a higher hierarchy of beings, and I feel more guided within and also feel surrounded by a light field of protection. I know now my purpose in this time and space and in this body. My mission is clear. Therefore, joy and peace is the byproduct of all that. I am grateful, very grateful.”
—A.A., Canada

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