Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

Angela Lynch, President

A message from Angela:

A-sayan“The Wholeness has opened my eyes and heart to the practicality, the accessibility, and the love of God.

“For most of my life I believed spiritual enlightenment to be a state separate from my current reality, and spiritual practice a tool for attaining a distant castle-in-the-clouds ideal. To me God existed as a mostly mental construct, vacillating between a glorified yet impersonal universal glue, and a lofty Being or Beings I prayed to as separate from my humanity. And while intellectually I understood this human physiology and soul to be God’s greatest creation, I didn’t truly understand that I could experience God as naturally as I breathe, eat and walk. It never occurred to me that the flow of love between mother and child, between child and friend, between friend and earth – this love was and is God expressing God’s love for humanity to metabolize.

“Now I see spiritual practice, a life lived naturally from a state of God- realization to be not the goal of human development but actually foundational  – in a sense a pre-requisite – for truly living life. God-realization is not the end game, it is the beginning; and communion with God need not be an exalted foreign experience but can be the most natural, mundane reality.

“For me it has been the knowledge, the programs and practices, and the support of the beautiful community that is The Wholeness that integrated spirituality with physiology, allowing me to live, every moment that I choose, the light that is God’s love. My own inner divinity finally remembered and embraced, it is now that I see the true work begins!”

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