Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

The Mahavakya Foundation

A World Unity Project

Awakening Mother Earth’s Power to Awaken Humanity

The Wholeness’ initiatives to establish world peace and Enlighten humanity reach beyond the Mahavakya Crystal Seed Project. Learn more about our technologies to actively and quickly raise world consciousness.

The Mahavakya Crystal Temple Project

Utilizing Archangelic wisdom and man-sized crystals in the most powerful regions on the globe, the Mahavakya Crystal Temple Project will serve to immediately PURIFY and TRANSFORM human collective consciousness.

As lighthouses of peace and coherence they will serve as places of pilgrimage for all denominations to heal, worship and bask in the rays of Mother Earth’s powerful vibrations.

The Mahavakya Crystal Beacon Project

Creating a mini-temple within your home environment. The Mahavakya Crystal Beacons draw upon the powerfully enlightened Earth energy within your environment and create a field so tangible that anyone who enters your home will feel the effect of its heavenly vibrations.

Utilizing copper, crystals, and consciousness the beacon radiates a field of light and protection for your home, amplifying that space for you to worship, pray, meditate and Awaken in whatever way your heart calls you.

The Wholeness has joined hands with The Mahavakya Foundation, a 501-c3 non-profit organization, to bring out Mahavakya Crystaline Technology to assist in the Enlightenment of humanity.

The Mahavakya Foundation specializes in timeless Archangelic Crystal Technology utilizing copper, crystal and consciousness to amplify Earth energy for the benefit of all mankind.

Utilizing this powerful technology for awakening, The Wholeness plans to…

  1. Build 9 Mahavakya Crystal Temples in the most powerful regions of Mother Earth,
  2. Distribute Mahavakya Crystal Beacons to help anchor Earth energy in individual homes,
  3. Promote The Mahavakya Crystal Seeds to awaken the energetic grid of Mother Earth within individual living environments.
  4. Facilitate pilgrimages to ‘plant’ Mahavakya Crystal Seeds to awaken Earth’s energetic grid for the benefit of all mankind.

If you would like to learn more about how you can participate in this world-wide initiative click here.

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When we are settled into silence with God we have the capacity to be in eternal love-consciousness; we have the capacity to float in waves of eternal Gratitude, Love and Bliss.

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