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Matthew is a medical intuitive, spiritual healer and teacher. The work he loves most is helping people awaken to their true nature and potential; their relationship with God. It is for this reason that Matthew founded The Wholeness, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to facilitate the full awakening of humanity with the use of Archangelic and crystal technologies.

It is through Matthew’s vision and leadership that the technologies, programs and other offerings of The Wholeness have been developed. Although much of his time is devoted to his energy healing work, Matthew also donates time to Wholeness activities, including leading retreats and other events.

In his energy healing work, Matthew offers advanced energy healing support for illness, life challenges, and personal transformation. He does this through an organization called Reifslager Health & Spiritual Development where he offers telegatherings, clinics, workshops, retreats, and healing tools to support health, spiritual growth, emotional freedom and development of full human potential.

Matthew has a multidimensional and energetic perception of the human physiology. He works with distinct transformational energies and is guided and assisted by a collective of celestial Master Healers. His methods of healing (and corresponding teachings) come from spiritual activations and awakenings in consciousness.

Matthew was blessed with mentors who identified his potential as a healer and supported his education. In addition to his ability to perceive and engage the energetic pathways of the body, Matthew has training and extensive knowledge of the human physiology, including its structural, systemic and environmental makeup.

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“I don’t have words to thank you enough for what you have given me. Your love and generosity has brought God as a living experience into my life. I love you with all my being.”
—M, Businessman, CA

“I am so very grateful for everything you have given me… for stepping aside so gracefully and bringing God’s presence and voice to us all.”
—M, Jeweler, Bellingham, WA

“I shall always carry you in my heart—the very one you have helped open to God.”
—K, Retired businessman, Kathmandu, Nepal

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