Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

About The Wholeness

bigstock-Majestic-sunset-in-the-mountai-26906138The Mission of
The Wholeness…

is to help facilitate the full awakening of all of humanity in this unique and very special time for the planet.

The highest goal of The Wholeness is the future construction of  non-denominational Mahavakya Crystal Temples in the most powerful, sacred locations on Earth. These temples will serve a very important purpose.

With the help of crystal technology, Mahavakya Crystal Temples will harness and amplify life force Earth energy, as well as heavenly gifts from the Cosmos. The result will be a powerful boost in the accessibility of Earth’s nourishing, healing vibration for humanity, and a profound evolutionary influence of coherence and peace.

The scope of the focus of The Wholeness is from the awakening to God for each individual on Earth, to the full establishment of a peaceful world for humanity as a whole.

The Wholeness is currently working on three exciting projects:

  1. Construction of a crystal pavilion in New Mexico
  2. Programs for individual growth to Enlightenment
  3. Technologies to harness and share Mother Earth’s healing energy


Crystal Earth Pavilion of New Mexico

The construction of this Pavilion is the first step toward the fulfillment of the highest goal of The Wholeness — nine great Mahavakya Crystal Temples in sacred places around the globe. These sacred structures will act as powerful generators of Earth’s awakening vibrations to facilitate the Awakening of mankind.

The Crystal Earth Pavilion of New Mexico will provide a place for people to go and fully align with Earth’s enlightening frequencies. The Wholeness is re-introducing a powerful Mahavakya crystalline technology at this time on Earth when humanity needs it most. Learn more >>

The Wholeness School of Sacred Living

The Wholeness School of Sacred Living offers tools and knowledge to empower those on the path of awakening to God Awareness. Programs and retreats share the revolutionary and powerful wisdom of God’s love, as illuminated by spiritual visionary and teacher, Matthew Reifslager. Included are practices and techniques for awakening and breakthrough technologies for the human physiology to allow it to reach it’s full potential. The Wholeness School of Sacred Living also provides an opportunity for those with a desire to share this knowledge with others, to become Wholeness Teachers.

The Wholeness School of Sacred Living is offering programs, retreats and instructional classes for individuals to awaken the full potential of body and consciousness. This project is also developing a training curriculum for those who wish to devote their lives to the knowledge and evolution provided through The Wholeness teachings and programs. Learn more >>

The Wholeness Crystal Earth Project

Today the Earth is seeing the reintroduction of an ancient technology with profound application and implications. This technology is the direct engagement of Earth physiology in order to heal and awaken the human physiology and elevate world consciousness. Crystals from deep within the Earth are used as amplifiers of Earth’s enlightening energy. Currently this technology is available in the form of Crystal Seeds that are helping to create a vast network of nourishing Earth energy for the world.

The Wholeness Crystal Earth Project is actively promoting ways for people to tap into the Crystal Seed Grid of Mother Earth’s healing energies. This energy grid is now fully lively due to the efforts of the Crystal Earth Project to plant Crystal Earth Seeds around the globe. Learn more >>

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