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A Taste of The Wholeness

bigstock-Pink-lotus-flower-and-bee-flyi-39966040A Free Program — Awakening to God

Make time each day for your relationship with God – for your own evolution to God-realization

This five-day program provides a taste of the profound spiritual healing available through The Wholeness online programs. A Taste of The Wholeness includes:

  • Five audio healings – Matthew Reifslager facilitates your own self-referral healing process. Each recording is approximately 15-20 minutes in length. Archangelic frequencies of healing enliven your physiology as you listen. The healing takes place both in the words and in the silence. There may be periods of complete silence here and there during the recordings. This is intentional.
  • Five knowledge transcripts – Matthew shares divine knowledge and inspiration for you to enjoy (over and over, if you wish). This is more than just knowledge for the mind, for as you read these words, there is a profound healing effect on your physiology as well.

Once you register for the program, you will immediately receive an email with a link to the first audio healing along with access to the knowledge transcripts. Then, each morning, for the next four days, we will email you a link to that day’s audio healing.

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A Taste of The Wholeness

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"When I hear Divine Mother’s words, I am deeply nurtured. It feels like she is my deepest, most intimate friend. My heart always expands in love during and after the daily healings. During the day, just thinking of the healing will bring the experience back instantly. I am grateful to Matthew for making this available to us. He is a young man and could do anything he wants with his time. Yet, he so generously opens himself to Divine Mother on our behalf every day."
—S.K., Housewife from the Midwest


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