Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

A Taste of The Wholeness – special knowledge transcripts

This is not just knowledge for the mind – it’s a healing.

Relax into the arms of God as you read these divine messages. This is a good way to begin or end each day.


If you enjoy this knowledge, feel free to also explore the Knowledge section on this website. Many articles and transcripts on a variety of topics are included. Each time you read these words your own self-referral divine intelligence begins to open and restructure your physiology for greater balance and consciousness.


This Most Sacred Healing Begins

Have the Courage to Live for Evolution

Do You Trust That Your Life Circumstance is “God Serving You”?

Surrender… and Life Becomes Simple

Recognize that You Are Not Just a Human Being



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When awareness becomes expanded and reaches that state of immeasurable bigness, it begins to be called God. It begins to see itself as the creative force that birthed the entire universe – indeed all universes.

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